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The Laundry Series / Dressing

Dressing is foremost about my personal struggles with clothing. The still images in Dressing were aesthetically and conceptually timed to work with my collaborators The Diagonikals’ soundtrack. In this piece, I capture myself through second-long automated exposures, during rapid and frantic stages of dressing and undressing, with multiple layers of dirty laundry. As a feminist and a naturist I ask: How can I succumb to the fetish of fabrics, colours and flow of feminized materials? In essence, I push against fashion, femininity and beauty norms by engaging in a perpetual struggle to strip away and demolish a femininity and consumerism that is stringent and potent. Dressing is an audio-video installation to be projected onto various interior and exterior surfaces, and looped endlessly. Possible projection sites could be an intimate area within an art gallery, the inside of an empty closet, or a storefront window or exterior wall in a fashion district.

Dressing belongs to a developing body of work entitled The Laundry Series, which is taking on new forms and connotations from its original photographic manifestation, Dressing, Pinning, Folding, Spinning, and Slipping. The series has expanded to performative photographs entitled Tossing, and an a audio-video installation called Dressing and the performance artworks Purging and Helping: The Clothing Workshop.

Dressing from Teresa Ascencao on Vimeo.

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