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Photography Portfolio

My main photography portfolio is inspired by a quirky, and sometimes dark, sense of light, mood and subject matter.


Land Blurs

Land Blurs is a series of experiments with slow shutter speeds from a car window. While manually focusing at a specific distance into the landscape, I repeatedly pan as the land passes by. In some of the shots, this has yielded some interesting effects resembling lenticular imagery.


pantomime01 pantomime02 pantomime03 pantomime04 pantomime05 pantomime06 pantomime07 pantomime08 pantomime09 pantomime10 pantomime11 pantomime12 pantomime13 pantomime14 pantomime15 pantomime16 pantomime17 pantomime18 pantomime19 pantomime20 pantomime21 pantomime22 pantomime23 pantomime24



My freelance photography includes non-traditional event photography for weddings, portraiture and celebratory engagements. My clients are persons interested in creative, candid and even subversive documents of their festive occasions.