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June 6, 2019: The Nude, From both Sides of the Lens, Artists’ Network Gallery, Toronto, CA

Jul 14, 2019: NAKED STATE mini-fest, Artery Showcase, Toronto, CA

Aug 15 – 25, 2019: Naked State art residency, (Organizer and Facilitator), Bare Oaks, East Gwillimbury, CA

Aug 31, 2019: Line. Bridge. Body, Majlis Art Garden, Toronto, CA

Sep 16 – 30, 2019: Once Upon Water art residency, (Organizer and Facilitator), Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island, CA

Sep 20 – Oct 12, 2019: From the Depths of Her Abyss, Almada Fortnight of Dance; International Dance Festival, Almada, PT

Oct 1-30, 2019: Transformation: WitchFest North, Beaver Hall, Toronto, CA

Sep 11 – Oct 16, 2021: From the Depths of Her Abyss, Quest Art Gallery, Toronto, CA



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