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North American media is like today’s religion.  It creates powerful images for the masses to adore.  It takes an ordinary woman and turns her into a Star – not unlike the story of the biblical Virgin Mary, the girl next door who became the most “blessed amongst women”.

Adoration is an interactive video installation inspired by home and women makeovers, which explores the effect of media and pop culture on the female psyche. From a couch, the viewer watches a livingroom makeover and presses remote control keys expecting to unravel various improvements. Adoration slowly reveals itself, not as a creation of finished makeovers, but as a deconstruction of the various audio and visual components that create the made-over illusion.

Thank you to Owen Milburn (Programmer), Mark Tyler (Director of photography), Adam White (Camera), and the Actors Anya Wassenberg, Amanda Weise, and Irene Stickney, This work was produced with the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts.



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