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2011 Masters of Fine Art, OCAD University, Toronto, CA

1998 Honours Bachelor of Arts – with Distinction, University of Toronto, Toronto, CA

1986 Graphic Design Diploma, Humber College of Applied Arts & Technology, Toronto, CA



2019 Creative Works Conference on collaboration within arts and culture

2013 to pres. movement workshops, School of Toronto Dance Theatre, Doris Uhlich & EveryBodyDance

2017 Blender 3D software workshops, Richard Culver Animation Studio

2014 The Creative Business Design Workshop, Artscape Launchpad

2011 Rhino 3D workshop with Jesse Colin Jackson, OCADU

2010 Pure Data, Max/MSP and Arduino workshops, InterAccess

2006 Lighting Techniques workshop, Toronto School of Art

2004 interactive digital imaging and audio workshops, InterAccess

2003 Final Cut Pro workshop, Trinity Square Video



2009, 2018 Canada Council for the Arts, Travel Grant

2004 to 2017 Ontario Arts Council, Exhibition Assistance Grant

2000, 2003, 2016 Ontario Arts Council, Visual Artists Project Grant

2008, 2013 Ontario Arts Council, Media Arts Project Grant

2003 to 2006 Ontario Arts Council, Artists in Education Project Grant

2002, 2004, 2006 Toronto Arts Council, Visual Arts Grant

2005 Canada Council for the Arts, Visual Arts Project Grant



2020 Laced Work Shirts (performance & installation), Quest Art Gallery, Midland, CA

2019 The Laundry Series (windows photo exhibition), A Space Gallery, Toronto, CA

2018 Daily Bread (photography with plant juice emulsions), Workers Arts and Heritage Centre, Hamilton, CA

The Laundry Series (two person multimedia exhibition with Laurel Terlesky), Arnica Artist-Run Centre, Kamloops, CA

Helping: The Clothing Workshop (participatory performance art), Thomspon Rivers University, Kamloops, CA

2017 Wearing Black (performance art), International Azores Fringe Festival, Pico, Azores, PT

2016 Helping: The Clothing Workshop (participatory performance art), Luminous Bodies art residency, Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto, CA 

Water Portals (dance & media art collaboration with Alan Majer and Brandy Leary), Contemporary Art Works on Queen Street West, Toronto, CA

2015 Laced Cobblestone (performative street drawing), International Azores Fringe Festival, Pico, Azores, PT

2011 Her Pleasure, Her Desire; Remix (performative interactive installation), Fleishman Gallery, Toronto, CA

Her Pleasure, Her Desire; Remix (performative interactive installation), ISTA Sexuality & Consciousness Conference, Toronto, CA

2010 Consuming Her (audio-video touchscreen), Gender Bodies & Technology Conference, Roanoke, Virginia, US

2009 Consuming Her (audio-video touchscreen), International Pure Data Convention, SESC Paulista, Sao Paulo, BR

Consuming Her (audio-video touchscreen), WARC, Toronto, CA

2008 Show and Tell your Gender (performative street intervention), Toronto, CA

2007 Kodak Catholicism (interactive blog-gallery), Toronto, CA

Adoration (interactive audio-video installation), Trinity Square Video, Toronto, CA

2006 Adoration (interactive audio-video installation), Alternator, Kelowna, CA

2004 Maria & the Bullfighter (animated photos & movement-film installation), Galerie Sans Nom, Moncton, CA

Glowing Madonna (participatory interactive video installation), Vidéographe, Montreal, CA

Maria & Portrait of a Young Bullfighter (animated photos & movement-film installation), Articule, Montreal, CA

Maria (participatory animated photos), Galerie SAW Gallery, Ottawa, CA



2019 From the Depths of Her Abyss (movement for live video – integration into Derek Brueckner’ “Social Improvisations” project), Sound Collage at the New Orleans Jazz Museum, US

From the Depths of Her Abyss (movement video), Quinzena de Dança de Almada; International Dance Festival, PT

2018 From the Depths of Her Abyss (movement for live video and drawings), Lake Studios, Berlin, DE

Representing Feminisms (performative floor drawing), Lamont Gallery at Philips Exeter Academy, Exeter, US

BIRTH_to animate (video art),, Vienna, AT

2017 Space Within (video sculpture & photography), Walnut Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto, CA

MindSet (photography fused with poetry), Artscape Youngplace, Toronto, CA

2016 Femmes Video Art Festival (video art), Los Angeles Contemporary Art (LACE), Los Angeles, US

International Azores Arts Festival (anthotypes), Madalena City Hall, Pico, Azores, PT

2015 Purging (performance art), PROCESS, Artscape Youngplace, Toronto, CA

Island Projects (digital photographs), Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto, CA

Life in Motion (photography fused with poetry), Arcadia Gallery, Toronto, CA

Glaciology (dancer for durational work, by Brandy Leary), Work of Winds, Nuit Blanche, Toronto, CA

2014 Not Safe for Work (photography fused with poetry), Studio 180, Toronto, CA

Vagina 2.0 (video art), Vagina Museum, Vienna, AT

Feminist Art Conference (photography fused with poetry), Beaver Hall, Toronto, CA

2013 POINTS Focal (performative video art), Church of Santa Margherita, Sciacca, IT

The Sex Show (digital photography), Gallery 1313, Toronto, CA

2012 After Dinner Party (video art), Corridor Gallery, Seattle, US

2011 Autoerotic Meditations (video art), Portuguese-Brazilian Festival, New York, US

2006 Iconoclasmic (participatory animated photos), Longwood Gallery, Bronx, US

Museum Nogueira da Silva (participatory animated photos), University of Minho, Braga, PT

Gentes e Gestos no Carnavale Terçeirense / People & Gestures in Terçeira’s Carnaval (photos), Terçeira, PT

Active Layers (participatory animated photos), Video Loop, Winnipeg, CA

2005 To Be Continued… (participatory animated photos), aceartinc., Winnipeg, CA

Active Layers (participatory animated photos), McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton, CA 

New Toronto Works (participatory performative video installation), Pleasure Dome, Toronto, CA

2004 Center of Attention; The Importance of Persona in the Work and Practice of Toronto Artists (participatory animated photos), 376 Dufferin Street, Toronto, CA

2003 Details (Contact Toronto Photography Festival) (participatory animated photos),  Gallery 1313, Toronto, CA

On the Cusp… (participatory animated photos), A Space, Toronto, CA

2002 Liquid Bodies: An Evening of Experimental Cinema, Movement & Performance (movement on film, in installation), Moving Pictures Festival of Dance on Film and Video,  Rivoli, Toronto, CA

Proof 9 (movement on film, in installation),  Gallery 44, Toronto, CA

Sem Saudade: Contemporary Art By Canadians Of Portuguese Heritage (participatory animated photos), Cambridge Galleries, Cambridge CA



2017 to pres. Once Upon Water, Madalena, Pico, Azores, PT; and Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto, CA

2016 to pres. Naked State, Bare Oaks, East Gwillimbury, CA

2012 to pres. Luminous Bodies, Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto, CA



2019 NAKED STATE mini-fest (collaboration with Alessandor Earnest, Los Angeles) Chez BonBon, Toronto, CA

2007 Fleeting Face, A Space, Toronto, CA

2003 Sem Saudade / Without Regret, Gallery 1313, Toronto, CA



2019 The Clothing Workshop (participatory workshop), Line. Bridge. Body., Majlis Art Garden, Toronto, CA

The Nude, from Both Sides of the Lens (panel moderator), In/Camera, Artists Network Gallery, Toronto, CA 

No Object: Finding Comfort in Your Body (performance art workshop), Sexual Education Centre, University of Toronto, Toronto, CA

Photos with Plant Juices (workshop), ArtMEETS, East End Arts, Toronto, CA

2018 Voyeurs, Spectators or Pleasure Seekers? (artist talk), ArtSci Salon, The Fields Institute, Toronto, CA 

Coffee and Conversation (long table panel discussion), Workers Arts and Heritage Centre, Hamilton, CA

Exploring Anthotypes with Teresa Ascencao (workshop), Workers Arts and Heritage Centre, Hamilton, CA 

Her Pleasure, Her Desire; Remix (presentation), Race Sex Power Conference, Roosevelt University, Chicago, US

Representing Feminisms (panel discussion), Lamont Gallery at Philips Exeter Academy, Exeter, US

2016 Censorship of the Nude in Western Art (guest lecturer), University of Toronto, History and Philosophy of Science and Technology Department, Toronto, CA

Westside Studio Talks and Photography (artist talk), OCAD University, Faculty of Design, Toronto, CA

Wind Rose Coloquio, (presenter), University of Toronto, Spanish and Portuguese Department, Toronto, CA

2015 Arse Elektronica (performative webcam presentation), Center for Sex and Culture, San Francisco, US

Creative Conversation Series (artist talk), Colectivo Toronto in partnership with aluCine Media Arts Festival, Toronto, CA

Selfies Feminism Race (panelist), Activate T.O. Speaker Series, Toronto, CA

2014 Feminist Art Conference (panelist), OCADU, Toronto, CA

2011 Her Pleasure, Her Desire; Remix (workshop), CHI Feminist Interaction Design, ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Vancouver, CA

2010 Consuming Her (artist talk), InterAccess Gallery, Toronto, CA 

2009 Consuming Her (artist talk), WARC Gallery, Toronto, CA 

2007 Adoration (artist talk), Trinity Square Video, Toronto, CA

2006 Glowing Madonna (artist talk), Alternator, Kelowna, CA

2004 Maria & Portrait of a Young Bullfighter (artist talk), Articule, Montreal, CA

2002 Arts, Education and Portuguese-Canadians (panel discussion), May 26 2002, Cambridge Galleries, Cambridge, CA



2018 Vicente, João (full page feature) “Once Upon Water, Sol Português, October 12 2019, Toronto, CA

Ogden, Cristina (feature) “Exhibit: Teresa Ascencao features the Portuguese-Canadian experience,” Portuguese American Journal, Aug 12 2018, Cambridge, US

Leal, Joana (interview) CamõesTV, July 15 2018, Toronto, CA

Mourato, Sergio (feature) “Daily Bread by Teresa Ascencao”, OMNI, Focus Portuguese, May 10 2018, Toronto, CA

D’Amico, Elizabeth (review) “Representing Feminisms at Lamont Gallery,” Women’s Caucus for Art, Feb 2018, pg. 45-53, New Hampshire, US

2017 Costa, Terry (interview), A Conversation with Teresa Ascencao by Our Local Author, Gerador Magazine, May 26 2017, PT 

2016 Fernandes, Gilberto (interview), RTPi (Radio and Television of Portugal International), Hora dos Portugueses/Hour of the Portuguese (Díario/Dialy), Apr 7 2016 ( and various international broadcasts), Lisbon, PT

2015 Wooley, Dawn (feature) Self as Subject issue, Multiple eXposure Project Zine, Apr 2015, pg. 45-53, Brighton, GB

Vicente, João (feature) “Luminous Bodies”, OMNI, Point of Encounter, Jul 8 2015, Toronto, CA 

2014 Loren, Arielle (feature) Vulvas and Vaginas issue, Corset Magazine, Fall 2014, New York, US

2013 LaRiviere, Serafin (review), “Graphic Sex; Annual Sex Exhibition Explores the Most Basic of Human Compulsions”, Xtra, Feb 01 2013, Toronto, CA

2010 Silva, Patricia, (feature) “Euphoric Femme, Teresa Ascencao”, Velvet Park, June 2010, New York, CA

Pressick, John (interview) “Euphoric Femme”, CIUT Radio, Sex City, Apr 17 2010, Toronto, CA 

2008 Aranda-Alvarado, Rocío, (feature) “Quiet Moments/Dramatic Skies: The Work of Teresa Ascencao”,e-misférica, Performance and Politics in the Americas, April 2008, New York, US

Alarcón, Adriana (interview) “The Artist/Art Educator: Challenges and Rewards”, Dispatch, Special Edition, CARFAC, February 2008, Toronto, CA

2007 Allen, Tori (feature) “Adoration”, CBC Radio, Big City Small World, Jan 27 2007, Toronto, CA

Fung, Amy (feature) Art and Sexuality issue, Locus Suspectus, Winter 2007, Edmonton, CA

2005 Roberts, Lorne (review) “Image Everything for Video Artists”, Winnipeg Free Press, Sep 15 2005, D5, Winnipeg, CA

2004 Mavrikakis, Nicolas (review) “Mystère de la Foi”, Voir, Nov 4 2004, pg. 56, Montreal, CA

Desjardins, Eloi (interview) “Top 5! [de la semaine]”, CHOQ FM, Oct 30 2004, Montreal, CA

2003 Walker, Susan (review) “Dollar-store Doll Lampoons Religion”, Toronto Star, May 24 2003, H8, Toronto, CA

Kazamia, Nicolas, Citytv, SexTV (feature segment), May 3 & 4 2003, Toronto, CA

Balzer, David (review) “Holy Moley”, Eye Weekly, Mar 20 2003, pg. 39, Toronto, CA

2002 Faria, Daniel (review) “Shotgun Reviews”, Lola, Fall 2002,  pg.82, Toronto, CA

Vicente, João (feature segment) “Sem Saudade”, CFMT Lamire & RTP, June 22-29 2002, Toronto, CA



various private and corporate collections, including CAMH



2006-10 & pres. The Ontario Art Education Association

2019 to pres. No Object, performance art collective

2016 to pres. Res Artis

2010 to pres. A Space Gallery (on the board 2010 to 2014)

2010 to pres. Toronto ArtSci Salon

2008 to pres. CARFAC / Canadian Artists’ Representation

2003 to 2006 former Art Columnist, Sol Portugûes newspaper