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Businessman Rebirth

This businessman emerged from Lake Ontario at Hanlans beach on July 21, 2016, and allowed me to photograph his rebirth.

I was swimming at Hanlans Beach, when he suddenly appeared. I asked him if he’s an artist, because he walked into the water with his shoes and all. Told me he’s a truck driver from up north, who was curious about the beach. He had read the recent Star article and learned for the first time about this clothing optional beach. He had prepared a whole process of trying Hanlans for the first time, which involved bringing different suits, trying them all out in the water, and ending with no clothing later on. He did pass by later, with a thumbs up and smiles, showing me he had gone nude.

I wish I could have understood more about his motivations in the short time I met him. There is a whole life experience, and current needs/desires that compelled him, which he only truly knows. And at the same time, on the surface – his act at the time, and this image now – resonates with viewers in some powerful ways. Question is, does one have to be an “artist” to accept and elevate a ritual such as this to the level of inspiration and deeper meaning?

Being in that place and at the same time with this businessman was serendipitous. It struck a cord across broad interests of mine, including clothing’s relationship to identity, power and gender, as well new explorations of visceral and energetic experiences of water.



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