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Euphoric Femme

Euphoric Femme is a series of artworks inspired by sex-positive feminism and sacred sexuality. Through a social media platform, the artworks below were created in collaboration with people who identify as women and who are exploring and reinventing sexual expression. Euphoric Femme aspires to politicize women’s sexual agency, facilitate women driven erotic celebration, and cross-pollinate art with well-being. To participate in these artworks, visit EuphoricFemme.wordpress.comClick here to review the MFA thesis paper.

I warmly express my gratitude to the people who helped shape this project: artistic collaborators Adriana Alarcon, Andrea Luxon, Augusta Shaw, Aurora King, Jess MG, Mendhi Henna, Patricia Silva; and technical collaborators Alan Majer (Interface Engineer), Chris Rolfe (Audio Programmer), Marius Schebella and Brian R. MacMillan (Video Programmers), and Sean Martingale (projection frame).

Autoerotic Meditations, is an ever-expanding online artwork comprised of sound and image contributions from co-creators. While self-pleasuring, women take a photo of themselves or record their sound. The women ornamentalize their photo into a mandala-like image using online software. Or they submit a sound component that I edit into a meditative composition.Her Pleasure, Her Desire; Remix, is an interactive media art installation created in collaboration with a network of international women of various genders. Using a social media platform, collaborators create autoerotic video and sound recordings as source content for the artwork. Audience members remix the recordings into the imagery that comprises the artwork.
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