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Water Portals

Water Portals is a durational artwork activated by a live dancers’ bodies beneath a veil of artificially generated water ripples. At once nostalgic and futuristic, it hovers between illusion and the sensual realness of a synthetic environment. The artwork will be expanded to immerse audiences in extended and enclosed variations of the installation. This first iteration of the Water Portals was installed at Nuit Blanche 2016 as part of Out of Site: Contemporary Art Works on Queen Street West.

Water Portals is the manifestation of the creative and technical collaboration between Alan Majer, Teresa Ascencao, Brandy Leary and Anandam Dancetheatre as producing collaborator. Featured Dancers are Neeraja Ramani, Supriya Nayak and Teresa Ascencao. A grateful acknowledement goes to Toronto Arts Council, and Ontario Arts Council for Exhibition Assistance through its recommender Art Gallery of Burlington.



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