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The Laundry Series / Tossing

Tossing is a series of photographs of myself playing with a hamper full of dirty laundry to create ridiculous performative acts and abstract iconic sculptures with clothing. They are shot with studio lights against a white backdrop, in the style of a fashion shoot. They play with various forms of power and vulnerability in context of sexuality, gender, class and religion. For example, one image resembles Delacroix’s painting, Liberty Leading the People (1830) – a feminine expression of power and freedom. Another image looks like a homeless woman bending over, and yet another resembles a worried Virgin Mary seeking shelter. These photographs are flat mounted and hung on the wall.

Tossing belongs to a developing body of work entitled The Laundry Series, which is taking on new forms and connotations from its original photographic manifestation, Dressing, Pinning, Folding, Spinning, and Slipping. The series has expanded to performative photographs entitled Tossing, and an a audio-video installation called Dressing and the performance artworks Purging and Helping: The Clothing Workshop.






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