Water Portals closeup

Water Portals - 2016

Water Portals is a durational artwork activated by a live dancers’ bodies beneath a veil of artificially generated water ripples. At once nostalgic and futuristic, it hovers between illusion and the …

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Businessman Rebirth - 2016

This businessman emerged from Lake Ontario at Hanlans beach on July 21, 2016, and allowed me to photograph his rebirth. . I was swimming at Hanlans Beach, when he suddenly …

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Daily Bread - 2016

Daily Bread is a new series of anthotypes (photos made with plant juice emulsions). Inspired by my Azorean and Portuguese-Canadian heritages, the photographic series is an homage to Portuguese-Canadian domestic labourers who endure …

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04 Helping

The Laundry Series / Helping - 2016

Helping: The Clothing Workshop is a new participatory performance art workshop, whereby I ask people to lend me as much of the clothing they are wearing, as they are comfortable – …

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The Laundry Series / Purging - 2015

Purging is a first-time performance artwork, whereby I indulge in dressing with layers upon layers of clothing until I become physically constricted by the clothes, and emotionally panicked with laboured …

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dressing 24_

The Laundry Series / Dressing - 2015

Dressing is foremost about my personal struggles with clothing. The still images in Dressing were aesthetically and conceptually timed to work with my collaborators The Diagonikals’ soundtrack. In this piece, …

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Laced Cobblestone - 2015

Laced Cobblestone (“Calçada á Renda” in Portuguese), made of flour and water, was created for the International Azores Fringe Festival on the island of Pico, Azores. It brings women’s crochet work …

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Ascencao 03_

The Laundry Series / Tossing - 2014

Tossing is a series of photographs of myself playing with a hamper full of dirty laundry to create ridiculous performative acts and abstract iconic sculptures with clothing. They are shot with …

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The Laundry Series / Dressing, Pinning, Folding, Spinning, Slipping - 2014

Dressing, Pinning, Folding and Spinning are cohesive sets of photographic installations deriving from my original explorations with laundry. I photograph myself in various interactions with clothing. Each set explores a …

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Text and Tongue - 2014

In Text and Tongue, I attempt to dislodge the stronghold of patriarchal language on my psyche and body. Through visual poems, comprised of digitally layered text and corporeal imagery, I …

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leisure and labour

Leisure and Labour - 2013

Leisure and Labour is a collaborative artwork created with my life partner Johann, for the exhibition POINTS Focal in Sciacca, Italy in 2013. POINTS Focal is a shifting group of …

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Her Pleasure Her Desire Remix

Euphoric Femme - 2011

Euphoric Femme is a series of artworks inspired by sex-positive feminism and sacred sexuality. Through a social media platform, the artworks below were created in collaboration with people who identify as …

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Rubber, Holes and Glue - 2011

Rubber Holes and Glue is a series of digital artworks about sexual isolation in a world of surrogate technologies and materials, such as computer and TV screens, plastic dolls, silicone toys and …

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Sex Healer - 2011

Sex Healer is a search for self love amidst a consumer world that professes to fulfill our personal desires and needs through products, services and entertainment. Shame, superficial self worth and …

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Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 10.25.22 PM

Man and Woman - 2011

Man and Woman is a tongue-in-cheek video about the merging and division of a man and woman, Busby Berkeley style. It is an exploration of a heteronormative love, so intense …

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Consuming Her - 2010

Consuming Her invites audience members to viscerally experience the first female nudes in mainstream cinema. Visitors are confronted with a ghostly and shimmering video projection of Audrey Munson, the first leading lady …

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Adoration - 2007

North American media is like today’s religion.  It creates powerful images for the masses to adore.  It takes an ordinary woman and turns her into a Star – not unlike …

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28 Kodak Catholicism

Kodak Catholicism - 2007

Kodak Catholicism forms part of my restless search for the ultimate iconographic woman – the Virgin Mary. Through Kodak Catholicism, I was hoping to capture “miraculous” imagery with my camera, so I …

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Pantomime - 2006

Pantomime is a European theatre style, which became popularized by the English for its comedy, social commentary and gender role reversals. In this series I explore how the Catholic society …

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Glowing Madonna - 2004

Glowing Madonna is an interactive video installation, whereby the viewer’s shadow together with a video projection of a contemporary Virgin Mary, are exposed onto a large photo-luminescent wall panel. This piece …

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Maria - 2003

Maria is a series of twelve animated lenticular photographs that humourously explore female sexual taboo within Catholic culture. These works were inspired by lenticular religious souvenir memorabilia and the artist’s Portuguese …

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Portrait of a Young Bullfighter - 1999

Portrait of a Young Bullfighter, inspired by the artist’s Portuguese Azorean heritage, is a dark and poetic film installation which investigates male body language within the cult of machismo. The …

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